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'Well where to start! Firstly, I want to say another massive thank you to our tour guide Meaghan! She was absolutely brilliant and her knowledge about the island and the aboriginal heritage and culture was great, not to mention how friendly she was and how she kept the trip engaging and exciting! Meaghan told lots of interesting stories about the island and it’s original people and gave us plenty of time to explore each area she had told us about! She also took us to lots of extra spots she had discovered herself including a fab secret lookout to watch the sunset the 2nd night. The itinerary was brilliant visiting all the areas of interest on the island with adequate time at each spot! The kingfisher resort hotel was lovely and would definitely stay there again! I used lots of the facilities including the spa and bars and restaurants all of which were lovely. Overall, the tour was fab and I would definitely recommend it (and particularly Meaghan) to anyone else considering it.'
Reviewed by hulkazuki - 13 Aug 2019
'it was very fun. It happened that only two people took part in the tour and it was a very fulfilling tour. Taking wild dingos and selfies, swimming on the shipwreck and Lake Mackenzie was the best. I really recommend you to go on this tour. it was very fun. The price is low and it will be an unforgettable memory with the most interesting tour guide.'
Reviewed by Unkle P - 9 Jul 2019
'We had an amazing time! What an investment in our memories. The tour guide and driver Brent was amazing, took us to the beat locations was patient and knowledgeable about the area. Well worth it!'
Reviewed by Unkle P - 9 Jul 2019

"We loved the Island!! Local tour guide who knows and loves the Island"
Lars, Switzerland
"Small group, beautiful campsite and all camping equipment provided"
Andrea, Germany
'What a great way to spend a day, walking around in the cool air of the Australian Rain Forest. A drive down the highway from Brisbane City to the hinterland of the Gold Coast and up into the Springbrook National Park to see great waterfalls and the amazing Natural Bridge the prehistoric region and all the history. Sunrover Tours supplied a cheap way to see the area and the guided tour gave an insight into the history. The short walk to see the Natural Bridge and small flying bats in the cave just made for a good day. The twin falls had plenty of water coming down and we were able to walk under it. Thank Sunrover.'
Dave - Brisbane
"We enjoyed the walk in Rainforest and see the falls"
Thais - Brazil
"The fun drive across the island and the wildlife were great"
J.P., Dublin/blockquote>
"4WD on the beach and seeing whales was wonderful. I got the best photos at Champagne pools!"
Machteld, Amsterdam
"Swimming in lakes was the best!"
Martin, Caloundra
"The tour was simply great! Thanks a bunch"
Sonia, Columbia
"The guide was very knowledgeable when asked questions. Loved the rainforest and driving along the beach. Overall, a great day..."
Alexandra, Canada

"The dinner and campfire were great and really enjoyed Lake Wabby. The guides were great fun and really nice sized group of people on the tour"
Sophara - Brisbane, Australia
"Loved the waterfall walks, swimming and Best of All lookout. Great guides who could say a lot about the plants & animals."
Dominique from Switzerland
"The unexpected places that we visited and the interesting commentary. The whole trip was fun and a worthwhile experience."
Trish from England
"The guides were great, always making everyone laugh and keeping the group happy. The guides organised every tour so we were the only people there. It was brilliant."
Sophie from England
"Jeff went out of his way to make us feel welcome and nothing was too much trouble. Loved how we were the first ones of the day to get to Lake Wabby before the crowds rolled in."
Abi from Sydney, Australia
"Our guides made this trip extra special. We are so we had them as our guides. Jeff is very knowledgable about the island, history and wildlife. We felt very safe with them and they really made the trip. It was perfect"
Bec from Brighton, UK
"The best bits were Lake McKenzie, the BBQ and campfire in the evening was great."
Becky from UK
"Walking in the rainforest and Lake McKenzie was highlights. Really enjoyed it! Despite the weather, we had a great time. Drink and marshmallows around the campfire was ace!"
Fiona from London, UK

"We managed to see so much in 2 days - a short space of time - Lake McKenzie was my favourite part. A very good tour. Fantastic tour guide."
Amy-Jayne Everitt, United Kingdom
"The guide was very helpful and informative. The food was great quality"
Orlaith Fitzgerald, Ireland
"All of it was excellent! Loved driving on the beach, exploring the rainforest and swimming in Lake McKenzie"
Susan Richman - USA
"Our guide was an excellent driver, very skillful. Was very informative and made sure everyone was well looked after. Very impressed with the knowledge on our hikes. Especially the rainforest walk. Great tour!"
Hanna Krieger - Toronto, Canada
"The entire day was most enjoyable. The walk along Wangoolba Creek and Pile Valley was excellent.... I thoroughly enjoyed the day. It exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to my friends."
Peter Pragnell
"Really, thank you for this wonderful day. I have rarely seen such an enthusiastic, funny and full of knowledge tour guide. Thank You!"
Daniel, Germany
"Loved the 4km walk and waterfalls. The Best of All Lookout too!"
Bianca, Canada
"I enjoyed great scenery and our knowledgable guide."
Lito, UK
"Excellent bushwalk with our tourguide Clayton. He told us a lot about the jungle. Its a nice and easy bushwalk with a lot of awesome landscape view from the lookout. Totally worth the visit. Thanks for the tour Clayton."
Yu Fan Kok, Malaysia
"Walking through the rain forest with a lot of explanations"
Johanna - Germany
"The german selfies, with rainforest and wildlife, many thanks for that"
"Just stay the way you are and keep doing what your doing"

Lisa Gutsche - Germany

'What did you like best about this tour
"The 4.5km waterfall hike"'

Meg Grabba Kensington USA
'What did you like best about this tour
"Walking through Rainforest @ TWIN FALLS"'

Niclcletoree USA/blockquote>
'What did you like best about this tour
"Tour Guide"'

Yang Yu Chan - Taiwan