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Great Walks Australia

Byron Bay, Carnarvon Gorge, Moreton Island, Stradbroke Island

walking track

Fraser Island

The best way to explore Fraser Island is by getting up close and taking advantage of the variety of walking tracks on offer. Ranging from short boardwalks through the rainforest, longer walks through sandblows and a variety of coastal woodland habitats to a hiking trail that takes in several of the Island's lakes. These walks allow you to truly see the Island and the diverse ecosystems it supports. Foot prints only.

Camping with Sunrover outdoors is so easy with our fully equipped camping facilities at both Dundaburra and Dilli Village. Both campsites offer hot showers, toilets, cooking facilities and walks with all camping gear supplied.

Crossing the sand dunes on Fraser Island
Crossing the sand dunes on Fraser Island

Moreton Island

Moreton Island is a 17,000 ha, naturally formed sand island, with approx 95% National Park. Its ecology is complex and fragile and supports a number of habitats - beach and dune communities, sedge and paperbark swamps, banksia heathlands, open woodlands, freshwater lakes and streams and salt marshes which attract countless species of birds, reptiles and small marsupials.

walk only on Moreton Island
No cars here - walk only on Moreton Island

Carnarvon Gorge

A 5 day, all inclusive, camping safari or accommodation package, will allow you time to absorb the majesty of Carnarvon Gorge, part of the 217,000 hectare Carnarvon National Park, at your leisure. The features of Carnarvon Gorge are many and varied. Travel with Sunrover Tours and explore through easy walks and hiking trails.

Aboriginal art at Carnarvon Gorge
The Art Gallery - Aboriginal art at Carnarvon Gorge